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  • Smart Traveler: Why Travel Insurance Can Help You On Your Journey

    Traveling can be an exciting endeavor, but it is also comes with unforeseeable events that you should to be prepared for. You should do your best to prepare for every aspect of your travels, including negative possibilities. The following guide will help you see all the different ways that travel insurance can help you. Won’t […]

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  • Your Auto Insurance May Pay For Your Dog’s Injuries In An Accident

    Traveling with man’s best friend can often make any trip more enjoyable. Taking a car trip with a dog can be dangerous, though because many dogs are not secure when they are in the car. If you are involved in an accident with your dog in the car, it is important to realize that your […]

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  • Cutting Auto Insurance Options And Comparing Competition

    If insurance costs have been getting the better of you and you need to redefine your budget, getting rid of insurance completely may be tempting. Unfortunately, the risks associated with lacking auto insurance can be far more expensive if the wrong chain of events unfold. Consider a few ways to make your auto insurance fit […]

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  • The 3 Types Of Insurance Customers All Agents Deal With

    Insurance agents quickly learn that the job is not all about sales. Providing quality customer service is perhaps the most important aspect of the business. This is why it is imperative that you understand each customer and know how to deal with him or her. Many agents will agree that there are generally three types […]

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  • Considering Renter’s Insurance? 3 Things Everyone Should Consider Before Purchasing A Policy

    If you have been going back and forth about getting renter’s insurance and you are worried about the costs, there are some things to consider to get the best policy, and to save money. The rewards of coverage from a place like Hope & Harder Insurance are much greater than the expense if something happens to […]

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  • 2 Types Of Home Insurance Coverage You Need To Consider

    Home insurance is one of the most important things you purchase once you have a home. This type of insurance is designed to protect you from issues ranging from break-ins to natural disasters. Two types of home insurance coverage that you must consider are personal property coverage and coverage for the other structures on your […]

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Choose Health Insurance

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When you’re ready to choose health insurance, many things must be considered. Learn more about supplemental coverage, your healthcare needs and the cost of insurance before you make your final decision.

Health Insurance Myths

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Many people believe health insurance myths, which keeps them from getting the insurance coverage they need. Find out the truth behind the most popular myths about health insurance so you can get the health insurance coverage you need.

Supplemental Insurance

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To get affordable health insurance, you have to understand the factors that affect what you’ll pay for supplemental health insurance. Learn the top factors affecting health insurance costs and find helpful hints for enjoying lower rates.